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About Sri Kasta Jeevula Jatiya Seva Samgham

As people grow older, they rely on their family members to help them and support them in their routine tasks and medical needs. Due to the hectic work schedule, the family members will not be available all for a considerable amount of time in a day. For this very reason, special places are there which will take care of those who need a bit more of attention and care. These places are old age homes. These are staffed 24/7 by senior care service providers and nurses who are highly trained and experienced.

Every individual needs a tailored care plan according to their individual requirements. Some might have various health problems such as dementia, arthritis, or paralysis due to stroke or and injury. Others might require assistance to deliver their medication or pain management. The old age homes will understand your requirements and an experienced nurse will be assigned to the individual. The nurse will create a health and wellbeing plan best suited for the individual. Safety is always the top priority, and an environment in the home is made such that injuries and accidents are prevented. The nurse will always be with the individual and will take care of everything, inside and outside the old age home.


Welcome to Sri Kasta Jeevula Jatiya Seva Samgham

SKJJSS have medical, therapy, and counselling facilities within them. This is to provide all the necessary treatments to the individuals in house.SKJJSS organize family parties at regular intervals, so that the individuals staying at the old age homes are happy.